adhd/academic coaching

make college what you hoped for

Tame your brain, control your time, and enjoy your smarts -- with adhd/academic coaching

— About adhd/academic coaching

ADHD -- first we tame, then we treasure

Gifted college students with ADHD have a special place in my heart, because I was once the same.

The good news is that we can tame most of the hard parts —  disorganization, poor time management, bad planning — and the stress and shame that come with them.

The great news is that when we tame enough of the hard parts, we can treasure the great parts — creativity, energy, empathy — and the long list of great things ADHD can bring us.

Phil Marsosudiro

Productivity and peace of mind.
Doing what matters to you.

adhd/academic coaching is:

We focus first on your basic needs: keeping track of assignments, managing time, setting priorities, planning the week, staying focused (enough), talking with professors...


We know that ADHD and academic work connect to everything else in your world: health, relationships, career plans, etc. We also know that ADHD is connected to anxiety, depression, and other stressors...


You are a one-of-a-kind person, so coaching is personalized to make is as effective as possible, which usually means we make it as fun as possible...


Coaching does more than fix problems.
It builds strengths.

Coaching results are:

"I started work on my paper four days before it was due, which gave me enough time to work through a first draft before I wrote a better second draft" "I asked my professor for help during office hours, and she helped me narrow down my research topic, which I didn't realize was too ambitious." "I got a good night's sleep before my exam."


We know that adhd management and academics connect to everything else in the student's world: health, relationships, career plans, etc. We also know that adhd is connected to anxiety, depression, and other stressors.


Students (and parents) say some great things after we've been working together a while...


Make college what you hoped for

Tame the challenges of ADHD so that you can be the productive, creative, happy, and confident person you’re ready to be.

Ready to start?

The weekly coaching session
  • Review last week: what went well? what went sideways?
  • Set goals, tasks, and plans for this week: what you want, what it takes, when you'll do it.
  • Set tools to help: alarms, schedules, accountability partners, mindsets, mantras, etc.
Daily work
  • Work the plan.
  • Use the tools.
  • Make adjustments.
  • Count the points you score.
Midweek check-ins and reinforcement
  • Reminders, nudges, inspiration, and encouragement from the coach.
  • Updates, honesty, and success reports from the student.

Get ready to surprise yourself.