The top five causes of academic stress for students with adhd are:

  • poor time management
  • bad organization
  • trouble focusing 
  • difficulty starting or finishing work
  • time blindness, especially when fun things beckon

Those are the things we usually work on first. We look at their class requirements, break goals down into tasks, and make room to get them done. We pick a set of tools and tricks that are custom-chosen for each student [link].

Academic coaching is the second part of adhd/academic coaching. While students are smart, college work needs new skills, and the ones most clients need are:

  • learning how to write complex essays and papers quickly
  • learning how to prioritize study time when the amount of material that *can* be learned (or produced) than the amount that must be learned or produced
  • learning how to ask for help from faculty, teaching assistants, and other resources (e.g., counseling and psych services)
  • learning how to incorporate job and career plans into the academic year (through internships, job applications, networking, etc.)

Whole Person

ADHD affects MUCH more than what you do for your classes. Sure, we’ll spend most of our energy on managing ADHD so that you can do your schoolwork without excessive stress or too many all-nighters. But we’ll also look at how ADHD affects the other, EVEN MORE important things in your world: your health, your happiness, your relationships (with people and with the greater world), and your long-term goals.

The better you manage your ADHD, the better you can live a full and healthy life. And better you live a healthy life, the better you can manage your ADHD.



You have a unique personality and a unique set of strengths, habits, and circumstances. That’s why we’ll tailor your coaching to you and nobody else. Are you a morning person or an evening person? Do you like paper planners electronic planners? Are you motivated more by carrots or sticks? Praise or criticism? Are you spiritually active or thoroughly secular? Do you think more like a poet, a painter, a scientist, or a carpenter? We have a big menu of tools and tricks to help you manage your adhd — we’ll find the ones that are right for you.